KENSPAN is a Data Catalog Software

That Helps you to…….

Institutionalize Your Data and Design Knowledge,Get Insightful Design Document and Data Dictionary,Seamlessly Transfer Knowledge Across Your Team,Easily Build Your Powerful Data Catalog,Understand Your Data Thoroughly,Effortlessly Create and Manage Your Software Operational Manual


Let KENSPAN automatically create your Data Dictionary and also keep it up-to-date, with just a click

Kenspan connects to your MS-SQL Server Database, extracts the data structures, metadata details, all dependencies, extended properties, and also the scripts, and automatically creates a very organized, meaningful and comprehensive Data Dictionary.

Gain thorough and quick understanding of inter-dependencies between all your Data Objects automatically created in Kenspan

Kenspan makes it extremely easy and simple for you to enlist and search any specific Object, say a Column, and understand which other Database Objects, like Tables, Stored Procedure, Functions, Triggers, Views, etc. have their dependencies on the said column.

Be it minor or major, Kenspan helps you with comprehensive Database Schema Change Tracking

Any regular additions, deletions, modifications of any database objects (Columns, Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, etc.) can be conveniently tracked in KENSPAN as per your specified date range and the object type for which tracking is desired. You may track modification of your source database or within Kenspan.

Make your data knowledge more meaningful by providing Titles and multiple Extended Properties against all your Data assets, easily managed in Kenspan

Kenspan allows you to easily create titles, multiple custom properties (meaningful name and value) of your database objects, and also allows you to export them to your MS-SQL database. You may also import Extended Properties into Kenspan from your source database.

Simplify, and even deepen, your understanding of data assets through an extensive Business Glossary (or KenPool) feature in Kenspan

KenPool – or Knowledge (Ken) Pool – is a very easy, organized, and searchable source of knowledge of your Software. Using this, users can organize and store valuable concepts and design knowledge in a ready digital library of sorts pertaining to your software. You can not only create any term and add relevant details, but also link these terms with one or more of data objects, and/or even other terms.

As your Database becomes complex, the MODULES in Kenspan comes handy to organize your database into logical, small functional groups for your easier understanding

KENSPAN empowers you to bring together a set of objects (Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, etc.) under your preferred Module name, thereby facilitating a better, faster and simplified understanding as well as access of your vast, complex database.

Kenspan is quick to create, enlist and help you with ready visualization of all your Entity Relationships

Simply glance through and get full grip of all your Unique Keys, Primary keys and Foreign keys relationship across tables, updated each time when you import your Database.

Data Privacy Classification is integral to building a complete documentation of your Data, duly supported in Kenspan

Against any given Column, you can very conveniently add the applicable Information Type and Sensitivity Levels from the readily available drop-down values. These saved data privacy details can be easily exported to MS-SQL database and vice-a-versa.

Kenspan allows you to take a molecular approach to creating / updating your Software Operational Manual, as it readily organizes them into a professional manual in PDF

You can replicate software Menus, Sub-menus in Kenspan, and conveniently add / modify manuals against each menu. Kenspan helps to assemble these documents into an organized professional manual in PDF format. This makes it easy for you to train your new hires, and also help you keep your customers updated with latest user documentation.

KenStorage helps you to keep periodic backups of your database/application, and also help you identify all objects modified after previous database backup

Ken Storage is a very special facility to help you store the back up of your MS-SQL Database Structure, as well as the Software Project. By far the most significant advantage of Ken Storage lies in identifying all objects (Tables, Stored Procedures, etc.) that were modified since the time you took last backup.

Architecting an altogether new software? Kenspan can come in as an extremely gratifying experience in your Software Design journey

During your software deigning stage, Kenspan can help you to systematically organize and document your design work through your multiple iterations. Using this tool, you can see your design story unfolding through the stages of database structure designing, interface designing, writing algorithms or purpose, etc.


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